Introducing our four WELL Accredited Professionals

Introducing our four WELL Accredited Professionals

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Now, more than ever, wellbeing in our buildings is crucial. Recognising this, Scott Brownrigg now offers a team of four WELL Accredited Professionals. The team supports our aim to ensure that we provide the best designs for our clients and end users, creating buildings and communities that help people thrive.

The International WELL Building Institute [WELL] offers the leading tool for advancing health and wellbeing in buildings globally. It is premised on a holistic view of health: human health as not only a state of being free of disease but also of the enjoyment of productive lives from which we derive happiness and satisfaction. Healthy spaces protect us from that which can make us sick, promote practices that can keep us well, and facilitate opportunities for us to connect with one another and live our lives to the fullest.

Making up our team of WELL APs is: Senior Interior Designer Douaa Abdulhadi, Architects Amber Luscombe and Evie Charalampous, and Architectural Assistant Part 2 Amy Bourne. Leading the movement to make buildings healthier for all, our APs can provide specialist guidance to project teams through the WELL certification process and advice on gaining additional WELL Building Standard points.

For further information on the WELL Building Standard and the WELL Accredited Professional visit:

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