LEH Foshan winner at the British Schools Awards 2021

LEH Foshan winner at the British Schools Awards 2021

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LEH Foshan has been named as winner of the School Design Award at the inagural British Schools Awards 2021.

Designed with the school founders, Local Implementation Authority and the appointed Local Design Institute, the London team’s concept design captures the essence of LEH UK - providing a green, sustainable urban campus, highly engaging learning and living spaces supporting a wide range of academic, sporting and artistic endeavours.

To promote learning and provide an outstanding experience the design creates a green campus with buildings around the perimeter, provuding students and staff with peaceful and  open outlook. Elements of the academic building are elevated - creating covered external areas and amphitheatre seating that maximises external learning opportunities. Boarding and academic accommodation is separated to promote exercise and help students maintain the balance between work, rest and play necessary for their emotional development, health and wellbeing. 

Many congratulations to all involved!

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