OxCam Local Authorities Life Sciences tour of Cambridge Science Park and talk.

OxCam local authorities tour of Cambridge Science Park

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Reinforcing our expertise, knowledge and portfolio of projects within the Life Science sector, Associate, Ross McWatt recently gave a talk and tour on rejuvenating Cambridge Science Park to Greater Cambridge and Oxford Local Authority Planning Officers.  With a particular focus on facilitating the Life Sciences Sector and sustainability, the tour included our completed buildings Plot 22, Plot 26, Bio-Innovation Centre and Buildings 1- 21.

“I was delighted to have had the opportunity to present to the Greater Cambridge and Oxford Planners and revisit our buildings now they are fully occupied. It was also very impressive touring the Bio Innovation Centre, which was led by Tus Park’s building manager David Chaplin who showed us the great success story of wet lab start-ups now using the building.”

Focusing on innovations in design, the talk included the servicing of laboratory buildings; the ground breaking concept of sidesticial servicing (where buildings are serviced vertically through a space, rather than horizontally within the ceiling zone) and the associated impact on building and floor-to-floor heights*; sustainable travel modes into and around the park including the creation of the Transport Plaza, a new non-vehicular entry point into the park; parking facilities, including the beautifully landscaped bio hub podium which screens parking; sustainable research and development concepts; and the design and development the facades and colonnades in Buildings 1-21, which help to minimise solar impact.

*For an example of sidesticial servicing, please read about FlexLAB here.

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