Scott Brownrigg looks to the future with Microdesk

Scott Brownrigg looks to the future with Microdesk

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The collaboration between Scott Brownrigg and Microdesk has brought together two global firms looking to drive the use of technology to deliver a high quality built environment for the future.

The collaboration between Scott Brownrigg and Microdesk has brought together two global firms looking to drive the use of technology to deliver a high quality built environment for the future. The enthusiasm of the Scott Brownrigg team has been matched by the specialist expertise of Microdesk. The close working relationship we have developed has already seen improvements in our team’s confidence in using a whole range of digital design and visualisation tools that improve efficiency and communication for the benefit of our clients.

We are continually looking to the future to make sure we are evolving and changing. This investment is a great example of our commitment to integrating new technologies into our creative design processes” says Director of Practice Helen Taylor of the collaboration.

Director Richard McCarthy comments “The problem that we’re facing is massive with population growth; the way to deal with that is through urbanisation. Unfortunately the construction industry in its current form is just not set up to deal with that.”

The challenge for us is to meet that demand but still be able to produce bespoke solutions for individual sites and clients. One of the things we need to solve in order to improve that is finding a way to solve as many problems as we can upfront in a digital environment.

Scott Brownrigg engaged Microdesk to become their trusted BIM Consultant to teams spanning the globe. Microdesk focused their efforts on developing a complete BIM implementation strategy and improving professional development of the teams. With Microdesk’s specialist expertise and collaboration, Scott Brownrigg has improved how technology can innovate project delivery and become more efficient overall to better meet the evolving needs of clients and the built environment.

Watch the video below to hear more about the benefits of our collaboration and how, by using 3D, digital technology we are able to design buildings completely before we build them, and thereby significantly reduce the risks in the actual construction process. This allows us to give more confidence to the clients so they can get what they have actually asked for.

This strategic partnership with Microdesk has led to greater innovation which has provided our clients with better, quicker and more efficient delivery of projects. Just one of the benefits of working with Microdesk has been giving the whole team access to specialists in this area.

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