Winner announced for the Helen Hamlyn 'Inclusive Spaces' Design Award, sponsored by Scott Brownrigg

Winner announced for the Helen Hamlyn 'Inclusive Spaces' Design Award, sponsored by Scott Brownrigg

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Design which enhances lives must always be part of the culture of the industry. Scott Brownrigg’s sponsorship of the Inclusive Spaces Design Category at the Royal College of Art (RCA) Helen Hamlyn Design Awards reinforces our commitment to creating inclusive and innovative spaces within our projects. Our sponsorship cements our dedication to corporate social responsibility, which remains integral to our vision.

The award champions creative solutions to make our future cities, public spaces and private spaces more inclusive of the needs and aspirations of people of all ages and abilities.

On Monday 1 July, winners of the Helen Hamlyn Design Awards 2019 were announced at a ceremony at RCA. Project Director Laurence Orsini judged the award and announced the winning project.

The winner was interior design student Rhea Adaimi for her project ‘Capital Carbon – the Carbon Capture Facility’. As air pollution increases in the city of London, the population and surrounding area is suffocating. Therefore, the need to reduce carbon emissions by the year 2030 has escalated in urgency. Cody Dock is an area in the east of London that combines a residential and industrial district. In an old warehouse at the border of the dock, exists Carbon Capital, an atelier space where air pollution is filtered and transformed into products such as dye and ink for textiles and clothing. Through this purification process, a bubble of clean air is generated for the residents and workers of the area.

“This idea has Global application for polluted cities across the world. It intends to create a bubble of clean air to improve the health of that use who use it, raise awareness of carbon emissions in our cities, and ultimately turn pollution into a beautiful product.”

Laurence Orsini, Project Director and Helen Hamlyn Design Awards Judge

The winner will receive £2,000 prize money to support further development of their project. The Helen Hamlyn awards are an open competition that rewards creativity in people-centred design across all disciplines. Nominated projects are on display at the annual RCA Graduation Shows.

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