Arm, Peterhouse Technology Park

Arm, Peterhouse Technology Park



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The Brief

Our brief was to consolidate 2,500 innovators into one holistic workplace for the technology company Arm. The new headquarters needed to support its continued growth as a global leader in the technology sector. 


Our designs for the building form and cladding were inspired by the structure of silicon – the science behind integrated circuits. When an electron beam strikes crystalline silicon it produces a pattern of intersecting ‘Kikuchi’ bands. This pattern is incorporated throughout the building and every aspect of the project.

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“Day one today - great to see the building starting to fill up with people. It feels every bit as good as it looks, such a proud moment for everyone who has been involved.”

Mark Cotterell, Property Director, Arm


The silicon structure has been used to inform the design of every detail of the building, from the external appearance of the shading fins, through to the atrium soffits and interior design, down to the bespoke door handles.

Our design wraps the building in a delicate lattice of aluminium – diffusing the light, reducing energy loads and responding to the passage of the sun.

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