Medina Airport

Medina Airport

Saudi Arabia


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The Brief

We were briefed to prepare a new masterplan for the airport. To be delivered over three phases and accommodate up to 16 million passengers per year by 2037. The new terminal and associated buildings needed to be delivered on the opposite side of the airport to allow for a future runway and for new terminals to be built in the midfield
terminal development area. The airport caters primarily for religious travel including Hajj and Umrah as well as schedule international and domestic flights.


Our design concept was inspired by the airport’s role as a gateway for millions of Islamic pilgrims and the palm tree, with its symbolism for peace and welcome. This has become emblematic in the terminal building. The palm brings a unique architectural identity to the development and an interpretation of the palm frond provides a
pragmatic and efficient structural support, while using a minimum amount of material.


Particular attention has been paid to the environmental impact and sustainability aspects of the development and the project achieved Gold certification under the LEED for New Construction Rating System. The structure was designed to be modular and each palm tree was built upside down at ground level and then rotated and craned into place.


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