Coronavirus: Scott Brownrigg temporarily closes all UK studios

Coronavirus: Scott Brownrigg temporarily closes all UK studios

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The wellbeing of our staff and business continuity are our primary concern. Following Government guidance we have temporarily closed all of our UK studios until further notice, with staff working remotely from home. This will continue to be the case until Government guidance states otherwise.

It’s important that our staff are able to work as seamlessly as possibly during this unprecedented time and we are doing everything we can to allow this to happen. Over the past two weeks we have effectively put measures in place to ensure our staff can work remotely from home through the use of our technology systems and remote system access which includes REVIT and BIM modelling, so please continue to contact us as normal. For project and business development related meetings, conference calls and video conferencing are being used by all staff as an alternative.

“We need to ensure the wellness of our staff and their families, as well as our clients, friends and their families. It’s important that collectively as an architectural profession we support each other and maintain the ability to return back to prosperity when we eventually emerge from this global situation.”

Darren Comber , CEO

Our COVID-19 Task Force and key group services will provide regular updates and guidance to staff across our Global network of studios to ensure continuity, resilience and support during this time.

We remain fully committed to helping client's progress with their projects, whatever the circumstances, and by working intelligently we can face this situation together to overcome the challenges that lay ahead.

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