Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap

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Scott Brownrigg’s male and female employees are paid equally for doing equivalent jobs.

We have created an inclusive environment, recruiting on talent and talent alone with promotions based on skills, competency and experience, regardless of gender.

Although we are conscious that our median gender pay gap is currently 22.6%, we anticipate that this will improve as we are seeing more females join the profession and continue to develop their careers with us.  We already have a balanced number of males and females entering the Practice at Part 1 and Part 2 through to project Architect level.

However this figure is still higher than we would wish and is due to the fact that we currently have a higher proportion of males, in senior higher-paid roles within the business. This is something we have been addressing, and with time this will change.

This year 41% of our architectural team are female, compared to only 27% in 2012 and we are confident this figure will continue to rise through the initiatives and support we have put in place over many years to retain and promote talent. 

Our focus is on giving equal opportunity to all our staff, via our Career Roadmap and our leadership programmes that offer a structured and transparent route to progression to operational and strategic leadership levels across the company. We provide equal opportunity for staff at associate level and above to become shareholders. Currently 30% are female.  

We have a positive response to flexible working and parental leave requests, opportunities for job sharing, learning and development and leadership programmes, monitored to ensure equal opportunity and participation. All within Scott Brownrigg are eligible to receive a performance-related annual bonus.  

As an RIBA Practice Role Model and partner practice in the AR Women in Architecture Programme we are engaging with other practices to collaborate and share what works. Initiatives include ensuring female staff are involved in recruitment interviews, providing a range of role models for our graduates and apprentices, and a dedicated senior diversity team, and involvement from our Staff Forum, to help push improvements and ideas across the business. Our Director of Practice, Helen Taylor, uses her role on the board of the RIBA to engage the wider profession and this year we have invited a number of women in senior leadership roles across and outside our profession to speak during International Women’s week, as part of our initiative to provide influential role models for all staff.

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