International Women's Day: Wellbeing Walk

International Women's Day: Wellbeing Walk

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To celebrate International Women's Week, each of our studios took part in a wellbeing walk to local landmarks to learn about the achievements of women throughout history. 

Our colleagues in London walked to Tavistock square where they sketched the statues of two famous women. Virginia Woolf (1882 - 1941) one of the most important modernist 20th-century authors, and pioneering surgeon Louisa Brandreth Aldrich-Black (1865 - 1925) . Although a little chilly, the London team enjoyed the walk, the chance to get their sketch books out and took a moment to pause and acknowledge the significant contributions from women in both literature and medicine.

The Guildford studio visited the Scott Brownrigg-designed Yvonne Arnaud Theatre building. The theatre is named after the pianist, singer and actress Yvonne Arnaud (1890-1958). This was then followed by a pub quiz celebrating the achievements of other remarkable women from Surrey.

Our Cardiff studio spent their lunch break walking to Cardiff's Central Square. After a coffee they enjoyed sketching Betty Campbell, Wales' first black head teacher and black history campaigner.

The Edinburgh studio visited the National Portrait Gallery on Queen Street, which holds collections of Scottish portraits. The team took time to peruse the paintings, sculptures and photographs on display. The collection featured many different historical and remarkable women, from Mary Queen of Scots, to actress Tilda Swinton. It was an opportunity to learn more about Scottish women in history, capture some great photographs, and also do a spot of sketching.

Our Amsterdam studio will be following a walking route in the footsteps of influential women to take place on Monday 11th March.