Planning permission granted for Burr Street, Luton

Planning permission granted for Burr Street, Luton

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Scott Brownrigg have received planning permission from the Borough of Luton for the regeneration of a 0.57 Ha site brownfield site in the city. Located at the heart of Luton’s East Village, the project for Coalition Land seeks to deliver 169 residential homes with undercroft car parking, cycle parking and landscaping. A mix and variety of apartments and family homes supports the varying needs of the whole community.

The site is naturally sloping, in responding to this, Scott Brownrigg have created an accessible route through the site. Buildings lower in scale have been located toward the higher, west end of the site, near the High Town Road Conservation area, where sensitivity is greater, whilst taller buildings have been located to the lower, east end of the site, where higher storey buildings already exist.

The level change opens-up views toward the tree-lined Hart Hill, with the upper storeys of homes also benefitting from these views and significant amounts of light.

The urban design is rooted in the nature of the site. A sequence of green spaces will be created: from private gardens and green roofs, to a public green. Shared garden spaces will sit between the buildings, where residents can quietly sit, meet friends, or play with their children. Such spaces will also support community cohesion, providing an opportunity for events organised by the residents

The architectural response to the site is contemporary, but also draws upon the strong architectural history of Luton in terms of materials, scale and detailing to provide a timeless, response. A strong silhouette is carved out through unique roofscapes. Whilst changes in materials throughout the site also support a sense of identity and orientation.

The scheme proposes a range of sustainability measures including high levels of insulation, accredited thermal bridging details, and good levels of air tightness to improve the buildings’ fabric efficiency. Photovoltaic panels will be suitable accompaniments to the site’s flat roof spaces, and make substantial CO2 savings.

“This whole-life development will positively contribute to the community and drive social value. The regeneration of the brownfield site will repair and improve the urban fabric of Luton, creating new sustainable homes that are commensurate with the aspirations of the High Town Masterplan.”

Olga Mikhaleva, Associate Architect
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