Seventh Virtual Visit - Timber Office of the Future

Seventh Virtual Visit - Timber Office of the Future

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Our Virtual Visits series offer a virtual tour of our designs every week. From freshly finished buildings to those not yet complete, the visits are narrated by the architects involved and offer a unique insight into the brief, concept and design features.
Here we take you around the Timber Office of the Future, a concept we’ve designed with Stora Enzo. Our future work-life is likely to be dramatically different from the recent past. For many, the experience of living through a global pandemic has brought a fresh awareness of the value of health and nature in our lives. Social distancing rules and the climate crisis are demanding that we think radically about the design and construction of our office buildings.

Here Director Ed Hayden, Business Development Manager at Stora Enso, Rory Doak, Associate at Hoare Lea, Kate Glensman and Associate at Ramboll, Alan Dowdall will take you on a fascinating journey into the office space of the future, how it can evolve, adapt and adjust to its users over time.
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Watch the visit below:

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