Virtual Roundtable: the socially sustainable campus

Virtual Roundtable: the socially sustainable campus

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How might university estates adapt in a more technologically-enabled future?

Universities are experiencing unprecedented levels of disruption resulting from the global Covid-19 emergency.  And yet they continue to flourish.  Virtual learning environments and virtual campuses are growing rapidly. As universities lead the charge against the pandemic, it is clear that they will have a leading role to play in rebuilding society and the economy after the pandemic.

On Friday 22 May 2020 at 4pm Scott Brownrigg and HEDQF will host a virtual roundtable to discuss the future of the university campus.

Chaired by Scott Brownrigg’s Director of Education, Ian Pratt the panel will comprise: 

This discussion will consider whether universities will now think differently about their campuses and physical space needs. The lockdown has offered us a glimpse of a different, more sustainable future. Will universities be able to take this vision and future-proof it as they recover, adapt and grow?

This event follows the virtual roundtable ‘What if schools were designed for wellbeing?’ on Wednesday 6 May 2020. Follow Scott Brownrigg on social media where the recording and written report of this event will be released in due course.

Email for a link to the live event. 

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