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Wild beavers to return to English rivers after 400 years with legal protection as native species

Around 400 years after humans wiped out beavers across the country, the species has been successfully brought back to specific sites in Britain, and following extensive monitoring, the government is now set to designate them a native species and allow them to repopulate in the wild.

The native species designation will mean the animals are legally protected and it will therefore be an offence to capture, kill, disturb or injure them or damage breeding sites or resting places without a licence from Natural England.

Wild beavers to return to English rivers after 400 years with legal protection as native species | The Independent

Dezeen: how architects and designers can help prevent climate change

Earthrise Studio is a digital platform and creative studio. We use design, film, and storytelling to communicate the climate crisis.

The series dives into topics like climate denial, climate justice and climate solutions, and features climate experts and activists like Mary Heglar, Christiana Figueres, David Wallace-Wells, Naomi Oreskes and Fatima Ibrahim from The Green New Deal UK.

An Earthrise studio production in collaboration with WaterBear Network.

The Breakdown (

Biennale Podcast

Earlier this year, La Biennale di Venezia released a series of sneak peeks of the projects, laying out a bridge, or more appropriately, a pontoon, that leads us to the Biennale Architettura 2021 How will we live together?.

In a programme of five Podcasts, Curator Hashim Sarkis will shared his thoughts and reflections on the five scales of the 17th International Architecture Exhibition as seen through the city of Venice, its history, and the way it exemplifies the overlap between these five scales of living together: As One Planet, Across Borders, As Emerging Communities, As New Households, Among Diverse Beings.


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