Newcastle Medical Clinic

Newcastle Medical Clinic


Newcastle University

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The Brief

Located 1km away from Newcastle University’s medical campus within EduCity, this new venture for the University involves the conversion of two new shophouses. Providing a public medical clinic for the local community where University doctors work, as well as a key learning environment for trainee students.


Our design for the clinic provides both primary and specialist care facilities with three consultation rooms, two treatment rooms, x-ray room, and generous space for the pharmacy, and vaccination and blood-test storage.

The upper floors of the shophouses allow for meetings between ‘professional’ and ‘student’ user groups, with a mixture of spaces provided to encourage collaboration, informal meetings, knowledge exchange as well as functional presentation and audio visual technology.


Feature areas include a large open pantry and terraced seating with more private booth seating which promotes discussion and collaboration. We have used bold colours for the distinct spaces. Through clever space planning we have opened up space to the balconies at the front of the building which has enlivened these floors and allowed for maximum daylight penetration.


Interior Design
RM 2.4M
650 sq m (7,000 sq ft)
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