iA: Intelligent Architecture - Issue 16

iA: Intelligent Architecture - Issue 16

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Issue Sixteen of Design Research Unit’s publication IA : Intelligent Architecture is dedicated to the theme: ‘Architecture and the Wall’.

This edition explores the numerous roles a wall can play as part of our built environment, from the practical and prosaic to the philosophical and the poetic.

The wall is an essential part of enclosure, a protection from, and a response to climate. It defines boundary and threshold, often the moment of the separation of or integration of two worlds or environments. Its composition can express culture, hierarchy or inclusion. Its construction can include simple vernacular techniques or complex technologies. Its tectonics can allude to and reinforce architectural concepts – depth, thinness, solidity, lightweight, invisibility and many others.

After orientation, it can be said to be the second aspect of climatic modification. It has the ability to make a serious contribution to building performance and sustainability. The wall can be living, decorated/decorative and used to keep people out or bound in.

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